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It's been a busy spring with publication of my new YA novel, Minority Of One. This book tells the continuing story of Neill Mallory (David's gay friend from Pull) after he and Carl break up. Turns out there are a lot of secrets going on at Farrington High in Chicago. Things no one wants to tell for fear they will become bigger outcasts than they already are. Everyone thinks they are alone, including the new girl in school. But one by one the secrets are revealed, including the biggest lie of all. Minority of One is available in Paperback




and in a variety of other eBook formats at Smashwords .

School Visit

My last school visit of the 2013-2014 school year happened on May 23 at Bloomington High School in Bloomington, Il. I spent the day with Freshmen students discussing writing and summer reading. My challenge to them, read and find at least one book that makes them so enthused they want to share with their friends, then write a review for their school library telling what makes that book great. They are free to chose any book, any age group, any difficulty level. And, true to the readers bill of rights, free to put down any book at any time if it stops appealing to them. Any genre, including graphic novels, are accepted. The sole point is to keep the joy of reading. The teachers will tell me the vote counts and I'll be sending prize packages to winners.

I am available for in-person and Skype visits over the summer, and for the 2014-2015 school year. I work with middle school and high school students. The visits are tailored to meet the needs of the teacher and school district. Contact me for details

Chicago Black Authors Network

I and several other authors from the Chicago Black Author's Network spent June 7 and 8 at the annual Printer's Row Literature Festival in Chicago. The weather was wonderful, both days saw crowds at our tent, many of them commenting on the #weneeddiverse books initiative. Children of all ages and ethnicities were interested in our books. A number of children and adults purchased copies of the Farrington High series. I also handed out teacher's guides to the books. The picture collage shows many of the children's books, authors and visitors who stopped by over the fun-filled weekend.


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I have begun work on my fourth novel, a middle grade book entitled COURAGE. Courage takes on the story of 10-year-old T'Shawn, the boy Malik takes under his wing in Being God. Two years have passed, T'Shawn is approaching his thirteenth birthday, Malik is off in college...And T'Shawn's older brother Lamont is about to be released from prison.

When he is once again face-to-face with his elder brother, will T'Shawn have the courage to do what must be done to keep his family safe and together?


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